Inscription form

    To reserve the activity, the payment of half the price of the activity must be made to the bank number:

    ES17 3025 0016 12 1400004419

    To make the reservation effective, the bank payment receipt must be sent by e-mail.

    Before making any reservation, contact us to see if there have been changes in the operation or in the programming due to the Covid situation.

    If after booking the activity, Biotopnatura decides to cancel the activity for any reason (very bad weather, issues related to confinement …), the money will be returned to you.


    All information is internal and is not shared with any other body or entity. Your answer is voluntary (only your name, surname, email and mobile are mandatory), but it helps us to elaborate our activities.


    We greatly appreciate your collaboration.


    Isabel Verdaguer Foz

    Biotop Natura


    People should take their temperature before coming to do the activity.

    Anyone with a temperature higher than 37.3º or sudden respiratory symptoms will not be able to come to do the activity.

    It is mandatory to wear a mask.

    Greetings with physical contact are prohibited.

    The safety distance indicated at all times must be maintained.


    To know the information specified in the previous point (regulations), to agree, and to be aware of.

    To sign the declaration of conformity before starting the activity. 

    If you have any symptoms compatible with Covid 19: fever (> 37.3 ° C), cough, shortness of breath, tiredness or general malaise, you have to notify it to the organization and temporarily cancel participation in the activity.


    The instructions of the guide / person in charge of the activity must be followed at all times. While you wait for the activity to begin, you must wear the mask and maintain a safety distance of 2 m between users.


    During the initial phase: Welcome, introduction and previous explanations, warm-up, … which take place at the meeting point, you will always have to wear the mask and maintain a safety distance of 2 m between users.

    During the main part of the activity, outside the meeting point (that is, in route), we will have to maintain a distance of 4 m with the partner in front, with the partner on the side and the one behind you, whenever possible. When we are walking we are or when physical demand is higher, we can remove the mask to facilitate breathing. However, if during the activity we crossa t some point with other people  from outside our activity, if we cannot maintain a safe distance with them, we will put on the mask. 

    During the activity you cannot share walking sticks, food, water, … with other users.

     Everyone must be responsible for their belongings.


    When we return to the end of the activity, we will have to put the mask back on and maintain a safety distance of 2 meters between users. 

    While we do the closing and we say goodbye, we will have to wear the mask. 

    After the activity, each one collects their own material and says goodbye avoiding physical contact.