Forest Bath effects

Forest bathing is a very important health and conservation tool.

It promotes a two-way relationship, based on reciprocity, benefiting both people and the forest.

We believe in a deep environmentalism based on the search for a strong bond between people and other beings in nature. This bond will be the one that heals our planet.

We consider the Forest bathing, not only a health tool for humans, but also a health and conservation tool for nature, thanks to the new link the guide strengthens between people and the Forest. Making people understand we are part of the Nature. I believe that making people fall in love with nature has a great responsibility and that is the true challenge of the guide. Loving is caring.

During all these years of experience with forest bathing, we have observed a considerable change in people, at a physical and mental level, before and after taking a forest bath, and we are looking for different methods to study and capture this possible change.

1. -Facial photographs before and after the forest bath:
The guide takes a facial photograph with his own mobile, about 40 cm from the face, in a horizontal position, before (just before making the introduction to the forest bath) and after taking the forest bath (at the end of the closing circle), of people who have agreed to participate in this study. These two photographs will be placed in parallel with a program, to be able to compare his facial expression in detail in order to make a later analysis.
2. -Questions about your physical and mental state before and after the forest bath:
There are two forms that are passed before and after the forest bath. It is done through a mobile application, which the guide will provide you. It is important to fill them just before and after the forest bath, in order to have reliable results extracted under equal conditions. They are very simple and very quick questions to answer (gender, age ...), and about their physical and emotional state before and after the forest bath. There are also two questions about whether you think the forest bath can be used as a health and conservation tool.
3. -Small videos to testify what the forest bath has been for you:
The video is made at the end of the forest bath, with your own mobile and will be sent by WhatsApp to the guide. It will be a short video of no more than 2 minutes, and in a horizontal position.

4. -Statistical analysis of the written questions and the videos, analyzing and classifying the keywords used.
It is important to be able to have as much information as possible, to be able to evaluate the possible physical and emotional changes in forest bathroom users, and above all to know if we are really achieving a certain transformation on people's awareness and attitude and to be able to or not to the conclusion of whether the forest bathing guide's role achieves this health and conservation objective, which is sought with the forest bathing.

We hope it may be of your interest to participate in this study.

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