We offer different activities and services, all of them related to Nature. All of them have the common philosophy of Nature respect .

Retreats and Nature activities

We organize weekend retreats to disconnect from our daily life and the artificial world we have created, and connect with the real world. A reality that brings us closer to our essence and moves us away from technologies, excessive comforts and luxuries, consumerism, and self-image. Our retreats are characterized by connection, intensity, simplicity, and nature.

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Who we are?

isabel-guia-bany-de bosc

Isabel Verdaguer

Forest Therapy Guide

Isabel Verdaguer Foz (Barcelona, 1975) from very small she was surrounded by nature. At that time Isabel rebuilt with her parents a house on the mountain in the Pre-Pyrenees where she spent long periods where she wrote, read, felt and respected Nature. With great curiosity, she wanted to approach nature by hiking and mountaineering, and observing landscapes, animals and plants that surrounded her. She observed the way of communicating, feeling and the benefits that plant world had and finally she end up making a more therapeutic approach and carrying out the practice of the forest bath.


Biotop Natura It is a group of professionals from different sectors that have something in common: NATURE, and they have a purpose to approach it to you but from another perspective.


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