Let the body express itself

The Ecstatic Dance is a space where we can let the body express itself with the rhythm of the music. With the only slogans of going barefoot, to enhance rooting, and of not speaking during the session.
We let our body feel the music, being expression and movement protagonists.
Through music and movement, body travels through space and emotions, expressing itself freely without judgment, without purpose and with the sole purpose of releasing tensions, emotions and thoughts. .
After a little warm-up we let the body express itself with free and creative movement, giving space for an individual and collective journey.
With the expression of free and conscious movement , our body expresses what it needs, connecting with the essence of our Being.
In this way we can return to the natural energy, with the unity of the body, of the feeling and the spirit, and with the sensation of an emotional and bodily release..

Person in charge of Static Dance: David Asencio.

Gestalt therapist trained at the Gestalt School of Girona, Certified in metamorphic massage(Method Violette Prod’hom), Postgraduate course in Intervention and group analysis at the Gestalt school in Barcelona, Metaphysical bioenergetics with Júlia López (FEMA).

Currently in training: Higher Degree in Social Integration.

Ecstatic Dance allows us to connect with our natural movement.