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12 August, 2019
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3 November, 2020
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The rights of the trees

Do you want to know more?

We invite you to visit our campaign "The rights of the trees". From Biotopnatura we understand the tree as the primary unit of nature conservation. Trees are the basic expression of a forest and a forest the umbrella that sustains the rest of life, and therefore is indispensable for planetary health. The time has come to find a common denominator that symbolizes all conservation.

The tree, and the plant world in general, made life possible on this planet and still make life possible as we know it today. They give us food, materials to build and many more, but above all, what they give us is air. That motive seems good enough for us to want to fight for their rights and their well-being.

We need help and collaboration as it is a difficult and large-scale project. We need funding, some lawyer to get involved, and people with startups and willingness to work. If you are interested please contact us at:

For more information visit