Forest Bathing FAQ:

An experiential and sensory activity, where we combine slow rhythm, silence, playing, being a child, sharing, active listening, being here and now, and above all don’t having any goals. It is an activity that seeks to change our attitude and that accompanies us, and helps us connect with our natural environment, our community and ourselves.

The duration of the forest bath is not specified since the forest bath is characterized by a loss of notion of time, and can vary depending on the forest and the group, but we can say that it lasts approximately three hours.

We normally do forest baths in the morning, starting between 9 and 10, depending on the season, the forest and the group, but sometimes we do forest baths in the afternoon or at night, with a schedule that may vary.

The forest bath is an activity recommended for all types of public. The only thing that is asked is to speak before with the guide who will be in charge of the activity so that they can adapt the forest bath to the people who will come.

We organize forest baths specially designed for companies, schools, families, special groups...

Our goal is to adapt as best as possible to people's needs and therefore a prior conversation with us is always required to find out who you are and what you need.

There are specific forest baths for children, others for families, and others which are mixed.

From Biotopnatura we are very interested in promoting the participation of children in forest baths since we believe that their contact with nature is very necessary.

Biotopnatura organizes some special forest baths in which we take a dog with special abilities to interact with the group.

We also want to do forest baths with people who bring their dog, but they are special forest baths. If you are interested get in touch to request one.

To do a forest bath it is not necessary to be fit because the objective is not to play sports, or to take a long hike. We walk short distances, usually with few steep inclines, and walk at a particularly slow pace.

The only thing that requires some agility of movement is being able to sit on the ground. If someone has problems sitting down and getting up, let us know so that we can bring you a small folding chair so that you can sit down without problems.

It also does not require any prior experience or knowledge.

We provide all our participants with a small backpack with everything you need to do the forest bath.

We only advise you to bring water, and if you consider it appropriate, a piece of food, such as fruit.

If it is summer we advise you to wear a hat for the sun.

If it is not in summer, we advise you to bring some warm clothing and a raincoat just in case.

Comfortable clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.

Walking shoes. If it is summer, hiking sandals are recommended.

As it is an activity in which we walk slowly, and in which we sit on the ground to share experiences or to do some exercise, we recommend always wearing warm clothing as we can get cold.

In winter it’s especially important to wear warm clothes.

Wear a raincoat if the weather requires it. Always look at the weather forecast the day before.

We have different places where we regularly do forest baths (Arboretum MasJoan de Espinelves, Casa Elena de Santa Cristina d’Aro, Refugio de la Feixa in La Cerdanya, Bosque de Malhivern in La Garriga ...) but we also do forest baths in many other places where we go if you request it.

They improve our physical and mental health. Visit our website, the section on benefits of forest bathing.

Normally it is Isabel Verdaguer Foz who guides the forest baths. Official guide titled by the American association of ANFTA, and the Selvans association and the University of Girona.

Depending on the group and required language, Emmett Coriat will lead on occasion. Official guide of Quebec, certified by the ANFTA association.

We usually do groups with a maximum of 20 people.

There is the possibility of taking individual or couple forest baths, or for universities, companies and large groups of more than 20 people, with prior reservation.


Yes. We make gift tickets to make a forest bath.

Through the website or by writing to:

On the website in the events section, or by following us on our Instagram social networks: Instagram o Facebook. 

We like to take care of people and that is why we are very rigorous in following safety regulations to prevent Covid (mask, distances,…).

When making the reservation, we ask you to fill in a Covid protocol sheet, which allows us to also make a possible subsequent follow-up if a positive case is declared.

If the Covid prevention regulations proposed by the government change and prohibit us from doing activities during weekends, we can propose forest baths during the week if you ask us.

And in case of total confinement we also offer the option of doing forest baths online.

It’s very important to know that forest have a great capacity to heal and to protect us from virus 

Forest has an enormous capacity to heal and to keep us away from the attack of external pathogens. The immune system of the forest benefits the animals that are in it. See the section on the benefits of the forest for our health.