Do you know Forest Bathing benefits?


Parasympathetic activation - Relaxation Central Nervous System, improvement of the Cardiovascular System (decrease in blood pressure, heart rate and heart rate), Hormonal modulation (increase in hormones associated with welfare state and vitality (serotonin, oxytocin, endorphin ...) and reduction of hormones linked to nervousness and stress (cortisol, adrenaline ...)


Improvement of Cognitive Functions (increase in Attention, Concentration, Creativity and Memory), improvement of Hypothalamic Functions (increase in sleep quality) and improvement of Positive Emotions (CNS) (increase in Vitality / Energy, Welfare , Relaxation / Tranquility and Positivism).


Forest Bathing gives us the opportunity to connect with our community. Human is a social being who needs others for their survival and well-being. Nowadays, this link between people is becoming increasingly lost, going towards an individualistic and solitary society, with all consequences that this entails.Forest Bathing, which strengthens the ties between people, becomes a good social restoration tool, which has a positive impact on our physical and mental health.


In addition to the benefits in our health and our emotional well-being, the spirituality of the forest, through its beauty, its silence and its strength, awakens and intensifies our own spirituality and the sense of connection with ours natural environment, with our community and with ourselves.

What are the elements that benefit us in a forest bath?


Medical research in Japan

Japan, which leads scientific research in Forest Medicine, has shown that due to the physical and biochemical characteristics of the forest, the Baths of Forest have significant benefits in the physiological and psychological field. The forest secretes some substances that we only perceive as a forest smell, but in reality this forest smell is the result of a large number of substances that have different origins and objectives . Part of this biochemistry comes from the "language of plants", which is formed by chemical molecules that plants segregate t to communicate with each other or with other beings of the forest, such as insects, animals, humans. They also use these molecules to defend themselves from different dangers that surround them. In addition in the ground, or on the dead matter of the forest there is a great amount of microbiota that also is secreting different volatile substances. All these substances are those that different scientific researches are currently testing that are beneficial for our health physiologically. Although there are other types of benefits, current research is completely focused on this more physiological aspect.


The Forest Therapy Guide

The guide has the function of acting as a mediator between people and forest. The guide and different dynamics that he proposes to the group, are removing different blockages, and are opening ties between people and between them and nature, enhancing the physiological and psychological benefits. The guide helps the group to disconnect from a "negative" state of anxiety, stress, fatigue ... to connect to a "positive" state of tranquility, well-being and vitality. Once the link is created nature, the person and their link will do their work


The group as a "tribe" or community

The group works as a link enhancer, enhancing the benefits of the forest bath. Sharing the experience with other people, although in many cases sharing intimacy and silence, creates a sensation of relevance. The forest bath returns to our essence, which consists on living in "tribes", which would be the group, on sharing our stories around a fire, which would be the "wheel or council" of the forest baths, and on being all the same regardless of what profession we have, nor of what status we come from. In a forest bath they learn to relate between equals, equals betwen people, equal betwen the trees that surround us, or equal to the eagle that flies us over. In a forest bath we learn in a group to respect us and accept ourselves as we are.