Body movement to connect with the 5 elements, water, earth, air, fire and ether. The body is the mirror of our life, and in it we accumulate all our history. Working our body is a job that goes far beyond our body limit. Besides if we do this movement in the forest, we appropriate the great benefits of nature.

We live experiences through movement, sharing and raising awareness in our structure, offering new ways of understanding body expression from connection with oneself, others, the environment and the elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether).

We explore, discover and create from nature through dance, yoga, massage, silence, echo, contact, improvisation, dance, climbing, authentic movement ... consciousness. Moving in nature is a workshop divided into 5 modules, which can be done at different times (April, May and June), or concentrated in different parts of the same session. In these sessions we will discover our body and our creativity through the elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. We will discover our essence and we will also play with it through movement and nature. We will share by connecting with ourselves and with others. Movement allows us to express ourselves and nature offers us accompaniment and inspiration.

Earth will guide us to become aware of our structure (bone system), our roots (feet, legs and pelvis) and our basic needs (the instinct to survive).

To deep into the earth element we will work on the Contact Improvisation technique, where important work is done by the body center in relation to the earth, to the other person or natural element. A dance in pairs that you have to be attentive giving and receiving so as not to break the movement, the fluidity.

Water will lead us to be aware of our emotions (digestive system, abdominal part of the body), the flow of our quality of movement (body fluids), dynamism of giving and receiving (feelings). To observe the water element we will use the Authentic Movement technique, allowing the body to express freely as a channel for emotions without being guided from the outside and always accompanied by a neutral gaze.

Fire will activate and energize us (muscular system) to bring out the inner part of the personality (upper part of the torso, arms and hands) and discover our capacity for action (ego). The fire is worked with the Dance-Climbing technique, building our confidence by achieving physical and mental movements outside our comfort zone.

Air gathers the aspects of knowledge, thought, understanding (nervous system) and with this element we will become aware of the senses (upper body) and our communication skills (our thoughts). Meditation will help us connect with our air through exercises that will make our thoughts flow without having to be the most important asset in us. Find a state of emptiness and amplitude, here and now without mental filters.

Ether is the element that gives space to others to express themselves (the cavity of the pelvis, abdomen (diaphragm), respiratory tract, mouth, nose and ears). Represents consciousness, inner knowledge and peace. With ether we will connect with the Thai Massage offering our body the time to stretch and expand, to give better mobility to the joints, more flexibility to the muscles and more fluidity to our body fluids (blood, lymph, mucosa ...) working from the fasciae.
Person in charge of the Nature dance: Laia Minguillon

A professional in the world of contemporary dance and a lover of nature, in recent years she has focused her work on her, nature, both creatively and pedagogically, bringing out this connection through her 'physical and subtle' movement. Connoisseur of the body and movement, transmitter of her knowledge that is always evolving, learning close to nature, its heat, its time and its respectful actions. She is currently entering her Wild Dance Project where she works with dance and the 5 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.