We understand art as a very powerful tool for expansion and self-knowledge. As Victor Frankl says, creating and experiencing are two ways of finding the meaning of life, and we add the element of Nature.

By combining Art and Nature in an experience, we give ourselves a space to create ourselves.

A team of different people in the world of art, ranging from scientific illustration, art with natural elements and drawing and spontaneous sculpture, develop different workshops and activities that allow us to work on different aspects.

We introduce you to our team:

Scientific illustrator: Blanca Mati Ahumada

He studied Art History at the University of Barcelona and is a naturalist by vocation. She trained as an illustrator at the Women's School and specialized in scientific illustration through several courses at the University of Barcelona and the University of Valencia. At the moment it continues forming as a painter.

She makes illustrations for different publications in Spain and Spain: scientific and educational books in Spain, Costa Rica, Brazil or Nicaragua, among others, as well as posters for nature parks and wildlife reserves..

In teaching, she is the coordinator of the Postgraduate Diploma in Scientific Illustration at the University of Girona and the Olot Higher Education Foundation and Professor of the Master's Degree in Primatology at the Mona Foundation and the University of Girona.

Above all, she is passionate about animals, the countryside and nature, which she transmits in every stroke. .

Creative art : Raquel Toison

He has loved nature since he was a child. A Nature that she considers wise and generous, beautiful and welcoming. She walks in the forest, hear its sounds, receive its energy and helps awaken her senses.

She works in Barcelona City Council, in Parks and Gardens department, and she is currently studying Fine Arts at the UB. She specializes in art and nature, incorporating plant elements into her works. Use Nature for its beauty and its values. emphasizing their resilience or overcoming, helping to use art and Nature as a therapeutic tool.