What is it?

Forest Bathing is immersing yourself in nature, accompanied by a guide who helps you to awaken your senses, anesthetized by our current way of life. Senses are the main tool to connect with our pits medicine, due to our lifestyle model. We do not know how to access her because our natural relationship is broken. It is no longer related to people and we no longer know how to approach it. What we do in nature is to take photos, to run, for use their wood, their mushrooms, to run and to bike in , to walk the dog ... But never simply to be with her. The man-nature tie is so broken that it needs a mediator that works as an essential key to being able to enter in our house. And our house is nature. Now we must know how to see the intrinsic value of nature and re-learn to relate to it. Forest Bathing in this process of reconnection with nature teaches us to change our attitude and to walk in a different way in nature. It teaches us to value the small details, to be humble, to empathize, to connect with people, to love nature and to dedicate time to yourself.