18 September, 2021

Bany de bosc Dia internacional del bany de bosc

El dia 12 de septembre és el dia internacional del Bany de bosc, i tot i que no podem fer el bany de bosc aquest mateix […]
21 August, 2021

Forest bathing walk in Sant Dalmai. Vilobí d’Onyar

In Canada we are living and learning many experiences which we want to transmit in our way of guiding, and that is why a few days […]
22 May, 2021

Morning connection between forest and vineyard

  Biotopnatura and Cavas Llopart organizes a day of connection with nature and the world of the vineyard. We will enjoy a walk, a forest bath, […]
9 November, 2020

Bany de Bosc per reconnectar

La Covid ens està fent molt de mal. Mal físic i mental. Ens desuneix, ens desgasta, ens desconnecta. Necessitem sentir-nos units, sentir-nos de nou una tribu. Necessitem reconnectar-nos. La Natura […]