17 April, 2022

BANY DE BOSC a l’arborètum Masjoan d’Espinelves

  Bany de bosc a l’Arborètum Masjoan d’Espinelves, un bosc amb magnífics arbres, de grans dimensions i edats. Un bosc ple d’aromes i textures diferents que […]
18 September, 2021

Bany de bosc Dia internacional del bany de bosc

El dia 12 de septembre és el dia internacional del Bany de bosc, i tot i que no podem fer el bany de bosc aquest mateix […]
21 March, 2021

Dia internacional de l’Arbre

March 21 is International Tree Day and we want to honor our staunch tree friends by hosting a tree event. It will last 2.5 hours, in […]
14 March, 2021

Remotely guided forest bathing

On February 14 we invite you to connect with us, and with our natural environment, through our mobile phone, having the advantage of being able in […]