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Dia internacional de l’Arbre

21 March, 2021 @ 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

March 21 is International Tree Day and we want to honor our staunch tree friends by hosting a tree event.

It will last 2.5 hours, in which we will talk about what the tree is, its shape, its reproduction, what they feel and say to each other, and about their intelligence.

We will also evaluate everything they give us and how they make life possible, especially in difficult spaces and moments to live.

After seeing what a tree really is and understanding its dimension and all that it provides, we will talk about the tree’s situation and the need we have to change certain habits and ways of living.

We will show different initiatives that exist in the world to trying to give the tree a legal status that guarantees a dignified life for them, to speak after our Tree Rights campaign.

We do not want it to be a one-way event, in which only we participate by giving only information and data, but we want you to participate as well and we can all create a small community of people interested in trees, and in which we all learn some of the others.

We will also incorporate an experiential part with proposals that we will make to guide you in your tree connection.

Do you dare to learn with trees and feel them?

It is necessary to buy the ticket through our section buy tickets that is within events. We leave the price in your hands giving the money that you can or that you think is appropriate in the form of a donation when you buy the ticket. All profits from this event will go to finance the tree rights campaign.

You can buy tickets through our website: